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What is a feder or federschwert?

Even in the medieval times, the need for a safe longsword simulator arose, which bought the historical practice sword or “federschwert” to life. The archaic feder, resembles a longsword only crudely, but the handling characteristics are almost the same, while it is flexible, unsharpened, has no piercing tip and protects the fingers with the so-called “schilt”.

As it wasn’t considered a real weapon in medieval law, citizens were allowed to keep and use it. According to Wassmanssdorf (in the end of the 19. century), the original name for this tool was Paratschwert (parade sword) and the name “feder” was given by later generations.

Jack of all trades

Standard Feder

We have 10+ years of experience and development behind our “Standard Feder”. It can be found all over the world at almost every HEMA related event or club. This model combines the ideal size with the optimal balance – it is truly a “Jack of all trade” federschwert. Strong in the bind, but light on the wrist for precision work. The size is perfect for practicing any tradition.

You dream it, we make it.

Custom Feders

Various forms and characteristics. Build your own feder from a vast variety of custom parts and customize it to match your fencing style and gear. We recommend it to those fencers or clubs whose knowledge is a bit more mature and know what they are looking for.

Designed by Tamas Kiss

Tulip Feders

These federswherts are for those who are looking for a really fast, agile, and harmonic feder. Available in two versions: “Simple” & “Maestro”.

Designed by Anton Kohutovič

Trnava Feders

Robust build, and parallel edges what makes these feders really agile.

Designed by Eliisa Keskinen

Short Feder

With this feder you can easily use technics from schools which require shorter swords.
(e.g.: The art of Fiore de’i Liberi)

Relics of the past

Replica Feders

These “paratschwerts” based on original museal findings. They do have a simple goal: perform as close as possible to the ones that the old masters used.

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