Surface Finishes



A neutral finished polish. This is our basic surface finish for most of our steel parts and blades. Be advised, this is not a mirror polish.

Available for:
blades, guards, pommels


With a special heat treating method we force the steel to maintain a dark blue/purple color. The results are always unique, can’t be duplicated.

Available for:


A black oxide layer which formed during the hand forging process. This is a thick, dark, heavy duty coating.

Available for:
hand forged parts


The steel is sandblasted right after the heat treating procedure. A heavy duty, matte grey finish, with a light textrue.

Available for:


This is a warm chemical bath for steel. Widely used on firearm parts too. The result is a black colored, corrosion resistant top layer.

Available for:
guards, pommels

Dark steel

This is a dark grey oxide layer which is formed during the heat treating process. The result is a stained dark grey finish. 

Available for:

Maker's marks

Regenyei swords

Uroboros. The ancient serpent which is eating it’s own tail. You can find it on all of our sword blades, since the early days of HEMAC.

Regenyei feders & trainers

The RAF. It’s a touchmark made from three initials: Regenyei Armory Feder
Means two thing: Quality & Safety