Everything you need to know about Regenyei sponsorship.

Dedicated support

We are committed to supporting the various HEMA events with prizes and vouchers, so that there are as many high-quality HEMA competitions around the world as possible, thereby introducing more and more people to this sport/martial art. With this support, we try to encourage event organizers to set a higher level every year and to pay attention to the importance of referee training.

On the other hand, we have to admit that we cannot fulfill all sponsorship requests every year. We are honored to receive so many inquiries, but unfortunately, as we are a small business, our budget is limited.

For the above reasons, we must also take into account other unique circumstances when evaluating applications. We do not give reasons for our decision, the applicants must acknowledge and accept our decision! Unfortunately, we cannot support events that are close to each other in time and place.

Necessary informations:

  • Date, location and venue of the event
  • Schedule / programs of the event
  • Expected number of participants
  • Ruleset and equipment regulations
  • Number of trained judges attending
  • On which platforms the event is advertised

Other aspects:

  • Is there an event in the country which we already sponsored the given year?
  • Have we sponsored the same event in the previous years?
  • Is the event international?

What do we ask for in return?

  • inclusion of our logo on online platforms (social media posts and event’s website – if available)
  • placement of our logo in a clearly visible place at the venue of the event
  • announce Regenei Armory as one of the sponsors during the event and the awards ceremony
  • photos with the actual winners

Important: Please send your sponsorship requests to regenyei.armory@gmail.com. Sponsorship can be requested no later than 3 months before the tournament.

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