Regenyei Armory is committed to supporting various HEMA events with prizes in order to have as many great quality HEMA competitions as possible all over the world, thereby to get more and more people acquainted with this sport / martial art. With this support, we are trying to encourage the event organizers to set up a higher level every year, and pay attention to the importance of training judges.

On the other side, we have to admit that we can not meet all the sponsorship requests we receive each year. We are very honored with the large amount of inquiries, but unfortunately because we are a small business, our budget is limited. 

Because of the aforementioned reasons, new sponsorship guidelines have been developed year after year. In addition to the already well-known black feder, our current stock determines what kind of potential prize we can offer.

When deciding about the applications, Regenyei Armory has the right to take other unique circumstances into considerations and to make its decision without explanation, and the requesting party is obliged to acknowledge and accept it! Unfortunately, we can not support events that are close to each other in time and place.

The following information must be given when submitting the request:

  • The date, location and venue of the event.
  • The schedule / programs of the event.
  • The expected number of participants.
  • The ruleset of the event.
  • Is there any weapon regulation?
  • How many trained judges will attend?
  • On what platforms do you advertise the event?

Other aspects we must take into consideration:

  • If there is an event in the country which we already sponsored the given year
  • If we sponsored the same event in the previous years
  • If the event is international

Please send your sponsorship requests to: regenyei.armory@gmail.com. We must receive the sponsorship request at least 3 month before the event.