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Engraving has been practiced throughout history on swords from different cultures and periods, serving as a means of artistic expression, religious symbolism, or conveying the sword’s owner’s identity, status, or allegiance. Today, we use modern technology (laser engraving) to bring your designs to life, making your swords completely breathtaking.

What can be engraved?

The answer is simple, almost all of our parts can be laser engraved, but there are some restrictions that must be followed:

  • The target material has to be metal
  • The target surface has to be flat or very close to it
  • The design must fit into a 10 x 10 cm square

Required formats:

The best possible format you can send us is vector based format: DXF; DWG; SVG; EPS; AI;

However, if you don’t have your design in this format, or you don’t know exactly what it means or how to create it, we can also use large images, but they require some preparation. The most common formats: JPG; PNG; BMP; TIF

Engravable areas

The schilt: Engraving on feder schilts is one of the most popular choice when it comes to our feders customization. Be it a family coat of arms, a custom design or a monogram, we will surely make it happen.

The blade: Engraving on the blade has been practiced throughout history on swords from different cultures and periods. It is still a popular choice today, although we do not recommend it for any sword or trainer that might be used for heavy training or tournament purposes.

Guards: It is quite possible to engrave our guards, although we do not recommend the engraving on any kind of part which will be used for heavy training or tournament purposes.

Pommels: Pommel engraves are one of the most popular choices when it comes to customization, although the target area has to be flat.

Important: Engraving the blade or guard can be a fantastic choice for presentation or display but is NOT recommended for everyday training and competition swords/feders, because it weakens the mechanical structure of the steel and leads to possible fractures. This would void the warranty in such cases.


To give you an accurate estimation, we first need to see your idea. The price of the engraving usually depends on three factors: the complexity of the design, the graphic preparation if needed, and the amount of time the engraving process takes.

“Simple” designs: Usually a monogram, a name or a sign. Mostly its size will determine the final price. From: € 10

“Normal” designs: The “normal” category contains engravings such as simple club logos, stylized figures, longer phrases, event names, etc. From: € 20

“Complex” designs: Only your imagination can limit the possibilities. Complex club logos, coat of arms etc. From: € 30

Guides & templates

With the help of the “quick guide“, we determine the orientation, type and placement of your design. There is also an “engraving template” to help you with your ideas, sizing and positioning.

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