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We designed our products for the practice of Historical European Martial Arts, or HEMA. As a result, they are exposed to serious use even on a daily basis, not to mention tournaments. Even with proper use and maintenance, we have to accept the fact that these tools will wear out over time, however, it does matter how and how quickly this happens.

Despite our best efforts, there have always been and always will be warranty cases. Fortunately, these cases are quite rare, although we know this won’t cheer you up in the middle of said warranty case.

Included in warranty:

The listed faults usually material defects and occurs within a few weeks of use.

  • The blade or guard breaks during proper use. 
  • The tang breaks off with the pommel.
  • The blade bends aggressively and permanently at a sharp angle.
  • Other, severe damage of the product occurs due to specific faults in material or production.

Not included in warranty:

  • Damaged grip cover due to cuts landed directly on the handle
  • Slightly loose crossguard from receiving heavy cuts. (if it doesn’t hinders proper use)
  • Slightly bent or warped blade (with regular use, this is inevitable)
  • Part or blade damaged by improper use of force, technique or edge aligment

Important: Warranty can only be claimed within the warranty period for the given product. Any modification to the product by a third party (unless otherwise agreed) will void the warranty.

How to claim warranty?

If the product is damaged during proper usage within the warranty period, please contact us as soon as possible at regenyei.armory@gmail.com, and stop using the product immediately, as it may lead to further damages, which can result in loss of warranty. Please do not risk your own or your opponent’s safety.

Information required for warranty claim:​

  • Order Number
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Short description of the fault
  • Photo(s) of the damage, preferably closeups
  • The date you’ve received the package and/or the name and e-mail address of the person who ordered the equipment originally

Important: Stop using the faulty product immediately. Regenyei Armory is not liable for any inconvenience or injuries caused by such product.

Assessment of the warranty claim:

  • Each warranty claim will be judged individually
  • In order to assess the warranty claim, we will need all parts of the defective product to be shipped directly to us for inspection. We can only decide on how we will evaluate said claim after this occurred.
  • Delivery and all related extra costs are borne by the customer.
  • The defective product must be shipped to us by the customer within one month of said claim
  • If the faulty product was purchased originally from a retailer, please contact said retailer as they will handle the warranty process unless otherwise agreed.

Shipping to us the faulty product(s)

  • Delivery and all related extra costs are borne by the customer.
  • All information needed for the return shipping will be provided in our reply e-mail.
  • Please write your full name on the package and on the blade as well.
  • DO NOT use the term weapon or sword during shipping, just use the term of sport equipment instead
  • Your package must be sent from the same country where it was originally received. (unless the product was originally purchased at an event or is sent from the EU).


If you wish to assert a warranty claim for repair or replacement, please send us an email to regenyei.armory@gmail.com along with photos or video of the issue and a description of what happened. You have a right to have your product replaced or repaired within 12 months from purchase. For more information please read our General Terms & Conditions.

We will instruct you further about returning your items so we can repair or replace them if applicable.

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