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When you chose the sword or feder you were looking for, you will find yourself facing countless parts and accessories to choose from. With this, you will have a new degree of freedom to build the equipment you wished for.

1. Placing an order

  1. Chose the sword(s) or feder(s) you were looking for in the webshop.
  2. Select the desired parts and characteristics.
  3. Check the summary, modify if needed, then add the product to the cart.
  4. After said product(s) added to your cart, you can continue browsing the webshop or just finalize your order.
  5. To finalize your order, you must first navigate to the “Checkout Page”.
  6. On the “Checkout page” you must fill in all the required fields (worth double-checking),
  7. check the accuracy of the product(s) you wish to order and correct it if necessary,
  8. familiarize yourself with and accept our General Terms and Conditions,
  9. then click the “Place Order” button
  10. Congratulations, your order is now placed and being processed. (At the moment, this is not yet a confirmed order, it does not count as an official offer.)

2. After order is placed

  1. You will receive an automatic summary email with order details within a few minutes. (If you can’t find our confirmation email, please check your spam folder as well.)
  2. Please check the correctness of your data once again. (If any problems arise, please contact us immediately.
  3. If you find everything correct you have nothing more to do and our colleagues will get in touch with you within 7 working days.
  4. You will receive a “Order summary” email from us detailing and summarizing your order item by item, offering you a deadline and a shipping price (based on the shipping address provided by you)
  5. Please carefully read the email,
  6. After that, if you find everything fine and you are satisfied with the offer, please reply to the email that you accept the conditions and CONFIRM the order.
  7. With this, your order has been added to the official production list and is considered “finalized”. As soon as your order is ready, we will contact you by email with the next steps.

Important: Your order can only be considered finalized if you accept and CONFIRM the contents of the “Sumamry email”. Please don’t forget to check your spambox folder, sometimes our mail ends up there.

3. Modifying orders

Unfortunately, due to the increased number of orders, we are unable to accept written order changes. If you want to modify your order:

  1. Please send us an email to delete the order you want to change, referring to the order number.
  2. Place a new order in our webshop with the desired parameters.

Important: Please note that changing the order may result in being placed further back on the waiting list, so you may receive the ordered product(s) later. Thank you for your understanding.

4. Payment & Fulfilment

  1. When your order is completed, you will receive an email in which we will attach pictures of the completed products, as well as payment instructions.
  2. Please check the pictures and feel free to ask if you have any questions about the finished products.
  3. If you are satisfied with the result, please make the payment as detailed in the email.
  4. As soon as your payment has been received, we will start assembling your package.
  5. As soon as your package is picked up by the courier, you will receive an email notification from us, in which we will attach the tracking number of your parcel.
  6. If everything goes well, you will revive your package within a few days.
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