How to order

Step by step

When you chose the sword or feder you were looking for, you will find yourself face to face with countless parts and accessories to chose from. With this you will have a new degree of freedom to build the equipment you wished for. After you selected the desired parts, an “add to cart” option will be offered to you at a summary screen, where you will be still able to edit your selections. After you added the customized equipment to your webshop cart, you can continue browsing our site or just finalize your order. At the checkout page you will need to fill out every necessary field to be able to place the actual order.

What happens after placing an order?

After you pressed the “PLACE ORDER” button, you will get an automatic email about your order details within a few minutes. (If you can not find our confirmation email please check your spam box too). With this, your order is now recorded in our system and one of our colleague will get in touch with you within a few working days.
IMPORTANT: At this step, this is not considered as a finalized order, because you still not informed about the exact amount of shipping fee. After our colleague made contact with you and every details have been clarified, we will need a final confirmation from you to finalize your order.

Production time

Bellow you can see the usual production times for our wares. Of course, during order confirmation a more accurate deadline will be assigned to your order. If you get lucky we even have the ordered items on stock, greatly reducing your waiting time.

Product typeProduction time
One-handed swords & Daggers

6-12 weeks

Feders & Longswords

6-12 weeks

Two-handed swords7-12 weeks

Payment and fulfillment

When we completed your order we will send the payment information and photos of the actual items to you via e-mail. If everything is fine and you are satisfied with the end result, we will prepare your order for being shipped. At this moment, you need to make the payment. After we received your payment, your package will be handed over to the courier and you will be provided with the invoice and the actual tracking number assigned to your parcel. If everything goes well, you will be with your package within a few days.

Modify confirmed orderS

Although it is possible to modify confirmed orders, there are some restriction. In the first 14 days after confirmation we can change any component or surface finish, but after 14 days, we can not modify the blade because it is already in production. Be aware that some amendments can change your originally accepted production time or shipping fee. Also it is possible to add plus items to a confirmed order, although the deadline probably and the sipping cost surely will change.

Within 14 days of confirmationPrice
First modification (any kind)free
Further modifications€ 5 / mod.
Add extra item(s) to ordershipping fee will be affected
Beyond 14 days after confirmationPrice
First modification€ 5
Further modifications€ 10 / mod.
Add extra item(s) to orderdeadline & shipping fee will be affected