How to order

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How to order?


To get then accurate price and details of your order, we will need the following information:

Address (Country, Postal Code, City, Street, House Number):
Telephone Number:
The sword’s name / specifications :

We can answer you e-mail in 5 work days. In the case of a full order we will send you an order summary, where you will find all the data about your sword, it’s price and shipment information. Your order is live only when you confirm it. After this we will send a confirmation e-mail back confirming that we have taken your order, and it is going into production.

When your order is finished we will contact you with payment information and pictures of the finished product. At this time you can check if everything is as you requested with the sword(s).
We can send your package to the given address after we received your payment.

Important to know:
• If you only want to ask us for what the price of your order would be, we will still need your shipment information, otherwise we can’t give you an accurate price (shipping price depends on many variables).

• The price and time of shipping contained in an order summary e-mail will only stay relevant if we receive a confirmation e-mail from you in two weeks (from the time of sending out the summary).

• In case you want to modify your order (for example putting in extra swords, or changing the specifications on a weapon), it can, and most likely will change the time we need to finish your order.

• Our order completion could wary from 3-7 months, which time greatly depends on the type of sword you choose. Generally speaking we can say that we can finish feder orders in the shortest period of time.

• You should only pay after your order is completed and you receive our ‘order completed’ (containing all the necessary payment information) e-mail as discussed above.

• Please let us know if your billing and shipping asdress are not the same.

Things you can do to help our work:
• In the title of your e-mail write your name and the type of sword you want to order (two handed, one handed, feder and so on) or the date of you sending your e-mail to us.

• Please use one stream of emails for one order (answer button). Don’t write a separate, new e-mail. This helps us to keep the many messages we get clear, and consise so we can work faster and more effectively.

Thank you very much for choosing our products!