“Sail” – Tournament dagger

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With our “Tournament” parrying daggers we would like to open new ways in HEMA. We wanted a dagger which can be used not only as a defense tool but also on the offensive side. But how can we make it safe for tournament usage? To achieve the desired result we had to test numerous steels and alloys. With our new materials we were able to design a blade which is highly flexible but do not suffer permanent deformation even on heavy trusts. Hopefully we can see new tournament rule-sets arise influenced by our daggers.

  • Weight: 500-570 g (±10 g)
  • Full length: 61 cm
  • Tip: back-folded
  • Blade length: 45 cm
  • Blade width at the cross: 26/48 mm
  • Blade base thickness: 4 mm
  • Blade and guard material: spring steel
  • Blade hardness: 52-54 HRC
  • Grip length: 15 cm – excluding pommel
  • Crossguard: 28 cm
  • Guard: variable – 3 types
  • Point of balance: ~0,5 cm – from crossguard

Please be reminded that all of our wares are made by hand therefore slight visual and dimensional differences are possible in the final products.

Production time: 6 months
Warranty: 1 year – More about warranty: HERE >>
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