Despite the fact that we are trying our best to produce the best quality swords possible, there are a few warranty pieces from time to time.

From the date of transport we encount for one year on our strong blades, and half a year warranty on our medium and flexible blades.

The warranty doesn't cover for unproper usage (for example.: broken, or cracked swords from extremely heavy handed blows)!

If the sword gets damaged by proper usage, and in warranty time, the damage was most likely caused by faulty material, or construction errors. In this case we would like to ask you to get in contact with us as soon as possible (regenyei.armory@gmail.com) and stop using your sword immediatedly, as this can lead to the further damaging of the blade, which can cause you to lose your warranty, and above all could be unsafe for you or your opponent.

To apply for your warranty we will need the informations listed below:
• Name:
• Adress:
• Telephone number:
• Short description of the problem:
• Picture(s) about the damage, preferably closeup:
• The date of you receiving the package and/or the name/e-mail adress of the person who ordered the sword originally:

To decide on your warranty we will need the blade, so we can examine the problem at hand.
We can only decide on how we will treat your case after this occured. Sending the package to us should be payed by the customer. Each warranty case will be judged individually!
Please keep in mind that we will need every part of the sword (all broken/damaged pieces), othervise your sword will lose it's warranty! To accept your warranty, we need the sword to arrive at us in two months from the date of you contacting us about your issue.
In the case of a sword bought from a retailer, please get in contact with them FIRST, as only they can provide the exact date of order.

Important to know:
• Please keep in mind that using a medium or flexible blade against a strong one, especially with heavy blows will result in a damaged blade. This won't be covered by warranty.
• All information needed to return the blade will be provided in our answer e-mail.
• If you are returning a blade please write your name on the box AND on the blade, and DON'T write weapon, or sword on the package, just write sport equipment instead.
• We need your package to be returned from the country that we sent it to (except if you bought the sword at an event, or both countries are definitely within the EU)

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