by Regenyei Péter, co-writer: Schunder László - 05.02.2020.
In this blogpost of my series on the basic qualities of feders and swords, I will talk about an element that is important on many levels. The design of the tip is a primary safety concern, so it is definitely worth devoting an article to it.
It's an age-old topic, and lately, various safety solutions covering the tip have come up again...
by Regenyei Péter, co-writer: Schunder László - 29.10.2019.
In my continuing series on HEMA devices, today I'll talk about the main material, steel. I've been asked numerous questions about this topic from both HEMA students and those who are about to purchase their first sword, so I thought I'd briefly summarize the essential things you need to know..
by Regenyei Péter, co-writer: Schunder László - 17.10.2019.
The old and well-known question: should we have a stiff or a flexible blade? The flexibility of our beloved feder’s or sword’s blade depends on many things. Why is it even important for us? Is there any kind of standard procedure for measuring this? In today’s post we’ll try to explain how we see these things, and try to make a clearer picture for you.
by Regenyei Péter, co-writer: Schunder László - 02.10.2019.
Over the years I've made thousands of swords. Creating both unique and standard pieces, I have learned something from each one. I'd like to share these experiences with you so that you can recognize those tiny, important details that distinguish good swords from medium quality ones.
by Regenyei Péter, co-writer: Schunder László - 20.09.2019.
A feder or a sword? What are they each good for? This question comes up often especially among beginner practitioners of HEMA. Everyone seems to have their own opinion about this topic. I don't intend to decide one way or another, but rather share my thoughts and experiences on the subject.

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