Varju & Company - exceptional quality

A good sword needs a good sheath. This is why our products can be ordered with exceptional quality, hand made scabbards produced by our partner – Varju & Company. These scabbards feature high-end, hand-picked vegetable tanned cowhide parts and an interior wooden frame made from the finest materials. Each scabbard is handmade to ensure the perfect fit to the unique parameters of the actual product. This way we can guarantee that you will receive a completely original and unique piece. The durability of hand stitches is ensured by the world’s leading French threads, while hand dyeing and special after-treatment make sure of the silky finish and exceptional durability.

Payment & fulfillment

Although scabbards are optional extras while ordering a sword, it will extend the production time with usually 2-4 weeks. This extra time is needed to ensure a perfect fit with the final products. The scabbards will be shipped in the same parcel as your order and the payment has to be done separately to Varju & Company after we completed your order. You will be informed about every details considering shipping and payment through your order process.

"Simple" scabbards - € 120

Like all of our sword scabbards, the “simple” models features a carefully made wooden core covered with high-quality, vegetable tanned leather. It’s our simplest sheath – a clean design with no unnecessary suspension loops and belts. Perfect for protecting and transporting your equipment in a stylish way.

"Standard" scabbards - € 135

The “standard” models feature a custom made wooden core covered with high-quality, vegetable tanned leather. These scabbards come with riveted suspension loops that can be used with any kind of belt. Also a hand made belt – made from the same leather we use to coat the wooden frame – can be ordered as a supplement (€ 35).

"Authentic" scabbards - € 190

We are pleased to introduce our top of the line scabbards, the “authentic” models. These master-crafted pieces are a combination of impressive design, practicality and the highest quality materials available. The scabbard comes with a traditional, riveted suspension system and a heavy duty belt. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

"Dagger" Scabbards - € 80

Our collection could not be complete without the scabbards made for daggers, which are manufactured with the same care and diligence and the same materials as our sword scabbards.