Even though we offer you high-quality swords, due to the nature of the using, they can wear out after some time.
We provide 1 year guarrantee for our strong blades and half a year for our flexible or medium flexible blade, starting from the delivery date. Please bare in mind this when you order.
The warranty doesn't cover the damages caused by inappropriate usage (eg. smashed blades from extremely strong hits).
In case of any significant problem occurs within warranty time, please get in touch with us immediately and stop using the sword. If you carry on using it, it might cause ever bigger damage, and you will lose the warranty.

If damage (eg. breakage) occur within the warranty time with normal usage, it might be caused by construction or material defects.

In each case, we need to get back and examine the damage sword first, then we can decide about the warranty. (The cost of the transportation is on the customer)

If you purchased the product from one of our retailer, please get in touch with them regarding your warranty.