Two-handed swords

training tool (No.1)

The blade is resilient and blunt
Blade: 110 cm with back-folded tip
Crossbar: 45 cm – custom ringed
Handle: 42 cm (including pommel)

training tool (No.2)

Blade: 118 cm - back folded tip
Width of the blade at the crossbar: 45 mm
Crossbar: 45 cm – custom ringed
Handle: 45 cm (including pommel!)

Customized two-handed swords

We offer two-handed swords
with different measures and designs


The great sword
"Spada Duo Mani"
- Museal replica -

The original one to be found at The MAM (The Martial Art Museum), founded by Roberto Gotti
Length of the blade: 115 cm

Regenyei Armory KFT

Regenyei swords for HEMA events
or club fencing
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