"Firenze" style sidesword

"Firenze" style sidesword

Because of safety reasons, we make our sideswords with back-folded tip always, except when the sharpening required!

The base price of our sideswords is 245€ (including VAT!)

Optional specifications:


a) 85 cm blade with fuller - Width of the blade at the cross: 34 mm (+20€)
b) 90 cm blade without fuller - Width of the blade at the cross: 25 mm


a) Strong-stiff: Strong blade can be used for practicing techniques or controlled free fights wearing protection.
b) Feder-like flexible: Flexible blade is proper for practicing techniques and light, controlled fencing in light protection. Please bare in mind, that we can undertake only half year of warranty for the flexible blade!

For full-contact fights, we recommand you our FULL-CONTACT SIDESWORD, because it's blade profile was developed directly for the Full-Contact purpose!


a) Simple (polished!)
b) With a ring for hand protection +15€ - (matted by sand-blusting!)

Regenyei sidesword firenze style Regenyei sidesword firenze style



a) Round
b) Mushroom
c) Pear
d) 8-sided (+10€)



a) Black spiral-leather
b) Brown spiral-leather

We make the handles for 16 cm, including pommel!

Order information:

We need the following informations, at the order or request, please fill in the below form completely and send it by e-mail to the following e-mail address: regenyei.armory@gmail.com

Address (Country, Post code, Town, Street, House number):
Telephone number (Mobile if its possible, its need to courier at the delivery!):

Blade type (A / B):

Stiffness (A / B):

Guard type (A / B):

Pommel type (A / B / C / D):

Handle covering (A / B):

"Firenze" style sidesword (example No.1)

Blade: strong (85 cm) standard fullered
Width of the blade at the cross: 34 mm
Tip: back-folded
Crossbar: simple
Pommel: 8-sided
Handle: 16 cm (including pommel!) - covered by black spiral-leather
Weight: around 990 gramms
Point of balance: around 11 cm from the cross

Regenyei Sidesword Regenyei Sidesword

"Firenze" style sidesword (example No.2)

Blade: strong (90 cm) standard non-fullered
Width of the blade at the cross: 25 mm
Tip: back-folded
Crossbar: with ring
Pommel: pear
Handle: 16 cm (including pommel!) - covered by brown spiral-leather
Weight: around 1060 gramms
Point of balance: around 10 cm from the cross

Regenyei sidesword Regenyei sidesword

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