How to order standard Feders

The basic price of a feder is 210€ (EU-price, including VAT!) + extra accessories.

Standard feders consist of:
5 mm thick blade (light or strong or medium), straight crossbar, black rope cover on the grip, standard pommel.

I offer diverse accessories for extra price, all information about these can be found below!

Any other customization requires further consultation.

Tip of the blade


Feder blades are made back-folded by default!
We make feders without back-folded tip only, when its required at the order.

Example for the tips:

Regenyei Feder típusok

Blade types


A) FLEXIBLE (or light blade):
Very flexible blade, its suited for practising és for sparring in light or little pritective equipement. It is NOR for tournaments! With a light blade one must not fight without proper controll! If you stirike a blow with full power, it might leave bruises, and I don't take warranty or responsibility for that. (example on the picture below)

Regenyei Feder típusok


Furthermore, if the flexible blade hits an unprotected part if the body without proper control, it might cause serious injury!

The weight of a light feder: 1300-1400 gramm

I guarantee the hight qualaty of these blades, although defects of the materia might occur. I take guarantee in this case for 6 months. After using this kind of blade for 6 months any type of problem might occour with the blade is usually due to inappropriet usage!


B) MEDIUM blade:

It combines flexibility and durability therefore it is good for practising, fencing. We take half year warranty for the medium blades.


C) STRONG blade:

Harder, jet flexible strong blade was planned for full-contact fighting in full and strong protection. The blade is firm, the area of the backhammered tip is about 1 cm x 1 cm. This type of tip helps to distribute the power of the thrust on a larger area, making it safer in free sparring.
I take 1 year guarantee for it.

The weight of the strong feder: 1400-1550 gramm

Regenyei Feder típusok Regenyei Feder típusok Regenyei Feder típusok

The length of the blade can be varied between 90-105 cm


Schilt types

a) with spiky schilt

b) with wide schilt, which grants extra protection for the fingers and 80 gramms heavier

Regenyei feder schilt types Regenyei feder schilt types


Our forged accessories are hand-made (hand-forged), so they are all unique piece by piece, so they can be different a bit from each other and from the referred example also, please consider this, when you choose them.


Crossbar types

1./ 25 cm forged crossbar ( +35 € )
1./ 28 cm forged crossbar ( +35 € )

2./ 25 cm cylindrical crossbar ( +30€ )
2./ 28 cm cylindrical crossbar ( +30€ )

3./ 25 cm basic crossbar
3./ 28 cm basic crossbar

4./ 25 cm crossbar with rings ( +10€ )
4./ 28 cm crossbar with rings ( +10€ )

5./ 25 cm twisted-curved crossbar (+10€)
5./ 28 cm twisted-curved crossbar (+10€)

Regenyei feder crossbar types


Pommel types

1. Round pommel (basic pommel)
2. Parfüme-cap pommel (+10 €)
3. Pear-shaped pommel (basic pommel)
4. Mushroom-shaped pommel (basic pommel)
5. Forged pommel (+35 €)
6. Disc-shaped pommel (basic pommel)
7. Faceted-mushroom shaped pommel (+50 €)

Regenyei feder pommel types


Form of the handle

(A) Oval (standard)
(B) Divided-rectangular (+10 Euro)

Regenyei Markolat típusok Regenyei Markolat típusok

Grip types

The length of the grip (including pommel) can vary between 26-35 cm.
The coating of the grip can be:

1. Black rope grip ( basic )
2. Colorful rope grip ( +5 €) (blue, red, green, brown, lemon, orange)
3. Spiral leather grip ( black or brown ) ( +10 €)
4. Colorful spiral leather grip ( green or blue or red ) ( +15 €)
5. Plain leather ( black or brown) ( +20 €)
6. "Ribbed" rope grip (black, blue, red, green, brown, lemon, orange) (+20€)

Regenyei Markolat típusok Regenyei Markolat típusok

Regenyei Markolat típusok Regenyei Markolat típusok

Regenyei Markolat típusok Regenyei Markolat típusok



The basic price of a feder is 210€ (EU-price, including VAT!) + extra accessories.

Shipping cost

In the EU its depending the number of the ordered swords:
- 1-2 swords: 30-40€
- 3-6 swords: 50-70€
- more than 6 swords: over 70€
These costs are considered as general information, for exact price please contact us!

Out of the EU, it depends from the exact parce'sl measurements, thats why we can provide the final cost of the delivery only after the packaging, of course in advance we can give a rough estimation about it.

Informations regarding the payment

You should pay only after your order's completion, the necessary informations, as our bank details, you will receive by e-mail, including a photo about the completed order directly before the shipping. We prefer the regular SEPA transfer for the payment, but You can pay via PayPal as well, but in this case, we would like to ask you to add 4% to the final amount of the order, because of the high transaction fees.

Order information

We need the following informations, at the order or request, please fill in the below form completely and send it by e-mail to the following e-mail address:



Address (Country, Post code, Town, Street, House number):

Telephone number (Mobile if its possible, its need to courier at the delivery):


Blade type (FLEXIBLE (A), or MEDIUM (B), or STRONG (C):

Blade length (90-105 cm):

Tip (Back-folded or rounded):

Schilt type (Spiky or Wide):

Crossbar type (1. - 4.):

Crossbar length (25 cm or 28 cm):

Pommel type ( 1. - 7.):

Handle length, including the pommel! (26-35 cm):

Handle form (oval or divided-rectangular):

Handle's covering ( 1. - 5. and the choosen colour!):




I hope I was able to help you to attain to a high quality feder!

Thank You for choosing Regenyei Armory!