Laser engraving

What can be engraved?

The answer is simple: almost all of our metal parts can be laser engraved. Although we got a few restrictions that must be followed.


  • The target material has to be metal
  • The design must fit into a 10 cm x 10 cm square
  • The target surface has to be flat or very close to it

Engraving on the blade

In case of sword blades, it is easily done and this is a very popular choice. On the other hand, we do not recommend engraving on any kind of blade which will be used for training or tournament purposes, because it weakens the mechanical structure of the trainer or feder.

required formats

The best possible format you can send us your design, is in a vector-based format:


On the other hand, we can use large-size images too, but these will require some preparatory work. The most common formats:


Quick guide and Template

We use the “quick guide” to determine the orientation, type and placement of your design. There is also an “engraving template”, which can be used to help you with your ideas, sizing and the positioning.


To give you an accurate price estimation, we first need to see your idea. The price of the engraving depends on three factors: the complexity of the design, the graphic preparation if needed, and the amount of time the engraving process takes. Below you can see some price estimations:

"Simple" engravings

Usually a monogram, a name or a sign. Mostly its size will determine the final price.

from: € 15

"normal" engravings

Usually, these engravings are simple club logos, stylized figures, longer phrases, event names.

from: € 25

"Complex" engravings

Only your imagination can limit the possibilities. Complex club logos, coat of arms etc.

from: € 35


Here is a little showcase which can help you imagine your personal design.